Having a household water filtration system can guarantee that your family only has the Cleanest and Safest Water.

When water leaves a treatment plant, there is uncertainty about what it may pick up on the way to your home. Plus, depending on where you live, you may be more at risk for certain contaminants getting into the water supply. A whole house water filter provides added protection against these unknowns.

The following are some harmful contaminants commonly found in tap water that your whole house water filter can help reduce:

  • Lead: While water may leave the treatment plant free from lead, this toxic chemical can be added to your water from old rusty pipes. Lead consumption can delay growth and development in children and cause kidney and blood pressure problems in adults.
  • Aluminum: Unfiltered tap water may contain aluminum, which has been linked to a host of health issues including Alzheimer’s disease, learning disabilities in children, skin problems, and more.
  • Chlorine: Tap water is often disinfected with chlorine, which remains in the water delivered to your home. While chlorine is safe to drink in small amounts, it can dry out and irritate the eyes and skin if it’s in water used for bathing and cleaning. The Filter Butler whole house water filter removes up to 97% of chlorine from your water.
  • Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs): Although chlorine does kill some harmful elements, the byproducts left over from this process, called DBPs, are carcinogenic.

Make sure your family is protected by investing in a water filtration system.​

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