Water Waste Treatment


The Advance Oxidation Process is a general knowledge pertaining to different combination of chemical treatment procedure designed to remove organic materials on water and wastewater by oxidation thru the use of hydroxyl radicals. This process is considered as the most promising technology that could be implemented with the least impact on the environment. The Advance Oxidation Process version is a locally developed technology. The patented hydromex technology of HWK initially designed for toxic and hazardous waste was first applied on wastewater treatment in 2006, this paved the way for the extensive research and development of the process application which is now commonly known as advance oxidation process or AOP. The version of AOP we are using was designed and formulated with great consideration on operational expenses. The idea was to come up with a performance consistent system that will also be economically viable to operate even for small businesses. The concentration of Advance Oxidation Process system design is the combination of ozone gas + water with high pH, which proves to be effective and yet financially viable to operate. The 2020 system design is consistently compliant to DAO 2016-08 parameters of the DENR and have provisions reserve for 100% recycling if opted by the client. The main goal of our AOP Technology is to developed a highly effective system design, with locally fabricated equipment for water and waste water treatment that can be affordable even to small industries. Clean and safe water resources can be attained only if everybody, no throw big or small will be involved. This is our way of responding to our government appeal for mitigating the effect of climate change, thru implementation of economically viable ecological restoration programs.

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